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Question-whitewhy wont the game load?

by Tina T T Fenton - Oct 14, 2012 Star_s38,115 views

for 24 hours now i have tried to load the game. but it wont go any further past "mixing ingredients" at 36% it is getting very annoying now!!!!!!!!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

Try the steps below. If they don't work, then you'll have to contact the maker of the game.

App, Flash, and Browser Cleaning

  1. Delete the Candy Crush Saga App from your Facebook Profile (
  2. Log out of Facebook
  3. Clear Flash Player cache ( - "Delete All Sites")
  4. Clear your browser's cache
  5. Close & reopen your browser
  6. Log back into Facebook
  7. Reinstall the Candy Crush Saga App

If the above doesn't work, try playing the game in another browser and see if it will work there.

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