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Question-whiteEscaping farm animals

by Sherri Chaikind DeMoss Petty - Oct 14, 2012 Star_s1,355 views

Since I put in the secon trough, the fence is not keeping my animals in. Frustrating trying to find them. Anyone else finding this escaping animal problem?

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I've had this problem with multiple fenced-in areas. I have one area for chickens, and one area for goats/sheep/etc.

Take the troughs and the Shady troughs out of your fenced-in area. Or, if you have multiple troughs, put one in each fenced in area. Also, you can keep your hen house in the area you keep your chickens, but if you have chickens in other fenced-in areas they'll escape to get to it. After I moved one trough into each fenced-in area and moved the Shady Trough out of any fenced in area, I haven't had any trouble with animals escaping or moving between areas.

Another thing to look at is if you arrange your fences so that there's an extra little "post" that appears between two fence pieces, there has apparently been glitches with that. Move your fences, sell those posts (there's probably multiple posts on top of each other so you'll have to click on each one multiple times, and the ONLY way to move them or delete them is to "sell" them), then move your fence pieces closer together so they don't create that extra "post"

Hope that helps!


Try using the crates to block off spaces. That has seemed to help me.


Yep, I have the same problem. So far I haven´t found the solution.

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