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Light-bulbUpcoming Quests -Including Thursdays/ HH Chapter 7 UPDATED

by Rae Hall - Oct 16, 2012 Star_s2,224 views

Thursday 10/25/12


 Haunted Hollow 7  OCtober 29th

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12-em-plus add reply

to make a love potion, go into your craftshop, if you dont have one yet, purchase it from the market. then scroll down till u find the love potion and with 4 strawberry bushels, 4 tomatoe bushels, and 2 cherry bushels, you can craft the potion :)


Can someone please tell me how to make love potion on the mission where there's a wool?


Looking for a bit of help...where can I put the three headed dog? Cannot figure it out. Thanks


Just trying to get everything updated. I was behind. I am on a new medicine and I am getting very little done except for sleeping more sleeping etc

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