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Question-whiteConfussed Hen House Quest

by Jade Johnson - Oct 17, 2012 Star_s2,677 views

I have a hen house and one of the quest says I need to harvest the hen house. Well it says I need: 2 adult chickens and I have 4, so what is the problem. It went from saying I need one adult chicken to now saying I need 2. What in the world do I do and how to I complete this quest????

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@Jeanie Melear - You will need to contact Zynga Support about that.


I'm not getting credit on my quest when I harvest the hen house? And on top of that my goats are not counting on the quest either...


@Melissa Vaught

"Why do prized chickens not count?" - Because a Hen House is where chickens, in real life, go to lay eggs. Since Prized Chickens don't give out eggs, why would they count?

"What are we supposed to just not feed them so they don't become prized?" - Yes. If you don't need the eggs, then don't feed the Chickens. Let your friends feed the chickens instead. They will become Prized at a much slower rate. And if you end up needing eggs later on, you can start feeding them then.


I must say that is a bunch of crap - I now have a quest that says I have to harvest the hen house 3 times to complete and when it was ready to harvest it told me I needed 3 more chickens. So I had to go buy three more chickens. Why do prized chickens not count? What are we supposed to just not feed them so they don't become prized? Really stupid to buy and build something and then you have to buy more stuff to get anywhere. BTW, they really need to fix the graphics on this game as they are terrible - you can't click on anything without it selecting something else and if you try to harvest, water or fertilize multiple crops it jumps all over the place and ends up going to the plant menu and you end up planting stuff you don't want. Ok vent done


Have to buy baby white chickens (1500 coins from general store) each time it tells you need adult chickens

Not have enough room for new chickens store some of your prized animals in to your inventory
or/and buy more water troughs


You must have two regular adult chickens. Prized chickens do not count.

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