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Question-whiteCannot request Time Crystals from friends!! - (Grayed out request bar)

by Michele Wyatt - Oct 17, 2012 Star_s1,663 views

When I try and request TIme Crystals from friends, the lavender "Request from Friends" bar is grayed out, preventing me from completing the request. This has been continuous for over a month and aside from being very annoying, is preventing me from progressing in the game. Please tell me how to fix, or I guess I will stop playing all together...Thanks..

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12-em-plus add reply

I found that the bar unlocked once I got a new crystal. I got a new crystal when I completed four-star mastery in a scene. I don't know whether every scene completion gives you a crystal. Once you get that crystal, try to ask friends for more, and then never let your crystal count run out. If this doesn't work, maybe someone else will post a different reply. Good luck!


Same Problem here, hopefully someone replies with an answer.

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