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Question-whiteLevel 147 - any tips please

by Jan Morgan - Oct 18, 2012 Star_s17,360 views

I've been at this level for what seems like forever and have reached the last remaining square to clear many times. If anyone has any idea what angle is best to go for at this level then I would be most grateful.

Regards Jan

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The first 200 or 300 times I could handle, it is this last couple hundred that I have been getting peeved off with. I know I have to get a couple of good candy shots. I just feel that every single time I have the 3 extra shots, it intentionally sets me up to die early. Really sucks and now I am definitely getting tired of it. Too bad that the game can't read what is happening after a couple hundred tries and actually help.


candy crush saga is like fruit machine/one arm bandits or any skill games in pubs. It will only LET you finish a level when IT is ready. I have a friend who works in this industry and he confirms that there is skill, however the odds are always stacked against the player


I spent about 700 lives in 50 days before I finally passed it yesterday!


I've spent about 200 lives on this board


me too... feels like purgatory!!

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