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Question-whiteFV2 community neighbours

by Carrie Little - Oct 19, 2012 Star_s5,167 views

can anyone help me, i'm new to the FV2 on Zynga site, i've added lots of zfriends but whenever i try add them as neighbours it just brings me a list of my facebook friends, what am i doing wrong? thanks

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12-em-plus add reply

You're not doing anything wrong, Zynga will always prompt you to add everyone on your friends list to play the game even if they are not gamers. You should be able to scroll through and find the new people that you've friended for game playing, but sometimes it takes a day for zynga to recognize that you have new friends that want to be neighbors. If that happens, just be patient and wait for zynga to catch up, in the meantime, they are probably going to request you to be their neighbor. I notice this happens quite often with my overseas friends. Best of luck!

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