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Light-bulbPumpkin Carving Missions and building Guide

by Barbara D'Angelo - Oct 19, 2012 Star_s3,836 views

Here it is almost Halloween and time to become Pumpkin Carvers. Granny is sharpening her best knives and will teach us how to carve pumpkins. The mission is a series of 5 missions and a 4 step build. This is another of the Team up challenges, where you need a neighbor to help you plump the biggest pumpkins. There are 5 Different pumpkins each with different designs, The Traditional, Faces, Animals, Cute and Spooky. Spooky pumpkins are HS in the market but you will get one as a reward for carving the other pumpkins. The best part is that you will only need to tend these pumpkins 15 times instead of the usual 32 or 34 times which should make it a little easier. Along with this mission comes a new free gift crop the Mini Pumpkins, and a new tree, the Spider Tree and a premium animal, the Pumpkin mouse. The Ghost pumpkin of last years Halloween missions is back for this year.

Pumpkins need pumpkin Plumper, each pumpkin will use 15 pumpkin plumpers that are crafted using 2 clear water each, Begged for, and 3 super soil,dropps from Mini Pumpkins or rarely from Cabbage. Pumpkins need to weigh at least 99 lbs to be lit.


Building Guide:

Stage One

10 Giant Pumpkin Seeds - Pumpkins, Mini, regular or ghost

15 Stacked Hay - Adult Standard Goats

8 Small Trowels - Requested

8 Gardening Hose - Requested

15 Vine Cutters - Requested

15 Pumpkin Crates - Requested


Stage Two

10 Carving Boards - Pine Trees or Spider Trees

20 Checkered Cloth - Adult Standard Sheep

10 Pumpkin Spooners - Requested

10 Pulp Bowls - Requested

15 Pumpkin Candles - Requested

6 Pumpkin Knives - Crafted

Crafting: Each Knife requires 5 Strong Handles,Requested and 2 Serrated Blades, dropped from Steel Forges.


Stage Three

10 Giant Pumpkin Seeds - Pumpkins, Mini, Regular or Ghost

15 Stacked Hay - Adult Standard Goats

10 Calipers - Requested

15 Wooden Benches - Requested

15 Pumpkin Lifts - Requested

6 Pumpkin Prep Kits

Crafting: Each kit requires 8 Drawin' Charcoal, Requested, 3 White Cloth  dropped from Soy Beans,  and 6 Old Newspapers Requested.

Stage Four

10 Carving Boards - Pine Trees or Spider Trees

20 Checkered Cloth - Adult Standard Sheep

15 Wagon Axles - Requested

20 Rickety Wheels - Requested

6 Pumpkin Baskets - Crafted

8 Pumpkin Wagons - Crafted

Crafting: Each basket requires 8 Weaving Needles ,Requested and 2 Long Straws, drops from Wheat.

Each Wagon requires 4 Wagon Screws, requested, 4 Wooden Beams drops from Oak Trees, and 6 Strong Oak Boards, Requested.





Pumpkin Patch

Place the Carving Station

Buy and Place a Pumpkin

Plump Traditional or Spooky Pumpkins 4 times

Rewards: 100XP, 2 Spider Trees, Face Pumpkins unlocked


Growin' Gourds

Harvest 20 Mini Pumpkins

Plump Character or Spooky Pumpkins 12 Times

Upgrade the Carving Station

Rewards: 250XP, 2 Pumpkin Kittens, Farm Pumpkins unlocked.


Vanquishin' Varmints

Clobber 8 Varmints, ghost varmints don't count.

Plump Farm or Spooky Pumpkins 20 times

Upgrade the Carving Station

Rewards: 500XP, Pumpkin Mouse, Cute Pumpkins unlocked


 Carvin' Cuteness

Gather 20 Cute Animal Stencils, drop from Pumpkin Mice

Plump Cute or Spooky Pumpkins 25 times

Upgrade the Carving Station

Rewards: 1,000XP, Ballerina Cow, 2 Spooky Crates 


Pristine Pumpkins

Gather 40 Pig Pumpkin Stencils, drop from weighed prize pigs and rarely from Adult standard pigs

Tend any carved pumpkin 5 times AFTER weighing

Upgrade the Pumpkin Carving Station

Rewards: 2,000XP, Pumpkin Coach, Rideable Giant Spider


Wrapper  Mission:

Lightin' Lanterns 

Harvest 30 Squash

Collect 20 Polishin' Cloths, Adult oxen

Collect 6 Lit Pumpkins, pumpkins over 99 lbs

Rewards: 20,000XP, 15 Horseshoes, 2 Spooky Scarecrows



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12-em-plus add reply

It is getting really hard to get the mini pumpkins now. I did save up and got 1 pumpkin to 99 lbs, trying to get my second. Wish there were another way to get the mini pumpkins


wait until u have all 15 plumpers before u start on the pumpkin dont do a few then wait to get more then start again go from start to finish in one action


can't seem to ever get any to over 99lbs. Any idea why not?

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