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Light-bulbHow to get Bubbling Brew

by Zoe Tickner - Oct 21, 2012 Star_s571 views

I'm confused, can I only get bubbling brew by asking neighbours or can I request it on the link exchange? I can't add community friends (I have selected the feature but no change and have tried turning it off and back on again to no avail)

I love farmville 2 but getting bit fed up of not being able to progress as waiting on facebook friends to send me wood and bubbling brew and really want to keep my witch bunny

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12-em-plus add reply

I have so many farmville 2 friends(75), yet I asked and asked everyday, and I see that some of them send me it, but for some reason farmville 2 is cheating me of it, I cannot get it on my inventory, this is frustrating.


If memory serves, Bubbling Brew was something you had to ask your FarmVille 2 neighbors for. This means there is no way to get it from the Link Exchange. If, however, Bubbling Brew was something you posted to your wall, then you can get it from the Link Exchange if anyone else has posted it there.

How many FarmVille 2 friends do you have? Many people who played the game only did so to get rewards that other games were offering for making it to a certain level. As such, once they hit that level and/or the offer in the other game ended, they abandoned the game. You can always get more neighbors by clicking the "Add Me" tab at the top of the page.

Also, how many requests are you sending out when you make a request? You don't say how many FarmVille 2 Friends are listed in your game, but don't be shy about sending out requests. When you need to send a request out for a quest item, send it to all of your friends at the same time. There really is no reason not to, especially if you have a lot of people who don't play in your list. Just send everyone a request and, with any luck, the next time you visit your farm you will have gotten everything you needed.


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