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Question-whiteFrustration With Feeding Horse, Bulls, Hogs, Dogs and Sheep

by Alyce Clark Embree - Oct 21, 2012 Star_s1,107 views

Can someone help me with this? I have been working on these same missions for months but can earn the 10 horseshoes. You are given a specific number of days to reach the specified weight, score, etc. Here is what happens before the allotted time has expired I get the prompts - "complete" "sheer", etc - so I don't meet the requirements. I don't understand. If I have more time, why can't I continue to feed? Today, I was feeding one of my bulls - it said I have an 1 or 2 days left - but it forced me to "complete". My bulls weighed 299 pounds. The same type of thing happened with one of my horses yesterday. What am I doing wrong.

Also, I have several sagarus cacti - do they ever mature enough to harvest?

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Ok most of the partner items are based on number of tends vs time. The trick is to have a stock of food so you can feed them the 30-32 times needed to finish. The time is the amount of time you are given to feed the animal those 30 times. If you get the animal fed 30 times in 2 days will make you weigh it. The reason the 30 times may not get you a 300 lb pig is because the animal loses wright as the timer ticks. So say you feed it 20 times wait 2 days and feed it the 10, you will be forced to weigh, but since it lost weight during the 2 days you may not get the 300.

You can put out an animal an use it to stock pile the food but don't create the feed, then when you have say 30-35 stocked up then start the animal you want to tend and feed it. You don;t need to have a partner if you can do it all yourself. That goes for the apple games and summer too, but not the carnival games.

As for the Sagarus cacti don't know, I thought they were decoration.


thats not true my parntner and I had our bull fed in one day and didn't make the weight these animals r stupid anyways we have the same issues with the horse, pig, and turkeys. If we can delete the missions we all probably would now we have to do birds which r going to take up more room and we'll probably get twenty of the same before we get a new one. I wish I could delete this one off two


You need to place a cheap animal and use it to request the feed you need, but DON'T feed him. Once you have the 32 items of food, buy a better animal place it and feed it all the way up immediately. If you plan to do it with someone, make sure it is planned, don't just send animals out to random people. Make sure they are online and waiting for it, otherwise the timer is ticking from the time you send it out. Make sure they place it and feed it, and you also feed it. Refresh and he should be done. Make sure to know how much the other person is going to feed, because otherwise you may waste food feeding while they are too. Do NOT feed animals that are randomly sent to you. I am highest level and I get over 200 requests for help daily, but *few* of my friends actually plan to help. They just send them thinking I'm high level and have nothing better to do....


zynga knows how to drive us crazy....................
never been ripped off like this before.............. it really worth to spend all the time???


I have same problem i stock up on everything needed and go from there some neighbors i send request to never get answered so this abt the only way i figured out to do it

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