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Light-bulbinternet explorer can not keep the snag bar

by Czigany Tzigane - Oct 21, 2012 Star_s228 views

Internet explorer is updated. Flash is updated. Java is updated.

I download the snag bar set it up. log off from internet explorer and come back and the snag bar is gone.

Please don't tell me to use another web browser that is not really going to solve the issue. I like Internet explorer and don't want to download another web browser. I want to use IE. I just want to also use the snag bar as well. This makes the 5th time I have tried to download and use the snag bar.

Helpful suggestions needed. but please don't tell me to download another web browser.

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Please visit the thread linked below and post your Snag Bar issue there. Before you post, however, please make sure to read the entire original post. Yes, all of it. Especially the large highlighted section at the bottom of the post.


It is checked. Gamers Unite! snag bar. and the tool bar is locked. Yet when I close IE and reopen it later the snag bar is gone. I have to download it again and this is starting to bite royally. Weird it is only happening to IE and not other browsers. Please don't tell me to use another browser. I like IE and will always use IE. Just wish there was a way to keep the snag bar on top and not have to reinstall it every time I open IE.


Have you checked to make sure IE is displaying the Snag Bar? Right click near the top of the browser until you get a pop-up of the various menu and tool bars you can display. Then make sure that the Gamers Unite! Snag Bar is checked.

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