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Light-bulbThe Mummy's Curse

by Tonya Collins - Oct 22, 2012 Star_s1,956 views


Uh-Oh! Some one has sent you a package containing and angry mummy! He is cursing everything. To stop him you must rebuild his Sarcohagus and send him back and cure those cursed animals!

-Must be atleast level 20 to begin.

-New Collection - Mummy
-New Free Gift crop - Ancient Lily - 7 hour harvest
-2 new animals


Mummy Dearest
Place the Sarcophagus
Clear 15 Debris
Tend 20 Adult Standard Pigs
Rewards: 150XP, 5 Ancient Lilies, Frankenscaecrow

The Uncurse
Harvest 20 Ancient Lily (free gift)
Uncurse 5 Mummy PIgs
Decursify the Sarcophagus
Rewards: 250 XP, 2 Mummy Trees, Monster Topiary
*Mummy Pigs are found clearin debris or from the mission window.

Monster Madness
Harvest 16 Mummy Trees
Unsecure 5 Mummy Sheep
Recruit Hank And Fanny
Rewards: Tough Hand Tonic, Vampire Potion, Werewolf Potion
*Mummy Trees are a mission reward. Mummy sheep are found clearing debris or from the mission window.

Repair the Sarcophagus
Chop Oak Trees 25 Times
Collect 2 Mummy Collection Items
Finish repairing the Sarcophagus
Rewards: 750 XP, Mummy Tree , Dragon Goose
*Mummy collection drops from mummy trees and animals.

One Yummy Looking Mummy
Harvest 40 Mummy Trees
Harvest 30 Ancient Lily
Pack the Mummy in the Sarcophagus
Rewards: 1, 000 XP, 2 Aged Salmon, Frankenfruit Tree.
*Mummy trees were a mission reward.

Wrapper: Return To Sender
Send the Mummy Back!
Uncurse 8 Mummy Pigs
Uncurse 8 Mummy Sheep
Rewards: 3,000 XP, Memento , Sarcophagus Replica



Stage One - Find the Cure
3 Essence Presses - Crafted
12 Egg Specimens - Adult Standard Chickens
2 Lab Tables - Crafted
2 Ground Core - Apple Trees
8 Slime Protections - Requested
10 Scary Beakers - Requested

** Each Essence Press requires 3 Essence Jars - (Requested) and 3 Tomato Presses (Harvest Tomatos).

**Each Lab Table requires 2 Knotty Surfaces (Pine Trees), and 3 Limb Straps (Requested)

Stage Two - Protect Yourselves
6 Silver Handcuffs - Crafted
25 Horn Marrow - Adult Standard Goats
7 Neck Protectors - Crafted
15 Blunt Stakes - Ghost Trees
10 Disenchantments - Requested
12 Mob Torches - Requested

**Each Handcuffs requires 4 Sterling Chains (Requested) , and 4 Ox Nose Rings (Adult Oxen)

**Each Neck Protector requires 4 Garlic Amulets (Requested), and 2 Woven Leather (Adult Cows)

Stage Three - Fix The Fancy Coffin
15 Colourful Gems - Requested
8 Sparkling Pigment - Crafted
8 Sarcophaglue - Crafted
20 Fuzzy Lining - Uncursed Mummy Sheep
20 Liquid Gold - Requested
25 Hinge Grease - Adult Standard Pigs

**Each Sparkling Pigment requires 3 Crushed Cherries (Cherry Trees), 5 Lapis Lazuli, and 8 Dead Sea Salt (Requested).

**Each Sarcophaglue requires 4 Bonding Agents (Requested), and 4 Sticky Juice (Harvest Pink Roses)

Stage Four - Undead and Loving It
10 Luscious Lipstick - (Drop from Beets )
15 Kohl Mascara - Requested
8 Mummy Accessories - Crafted
15 Backup Gauze - Uncursed Mummy Pigs
20 Moaning Boxes - Requested
8 Mummy Outfits - Crafted

**Each Mummy Accessory requires 6 Pearfumes (Pear Trees), 10 Spray Bottles and 8 Royal Circlets ( Requested)

**Each Mummy Outfit requires 6 Gold Pins, 10 Linen Skirts (Both Requested), and 8 Wool Gauze (Adult Sheep)


Request Links:

Sterling Chain

Bonding Agent

Dead Sea Salt 

Royal Circlet 

Gold Pin

Slime Protection 


Liquid Gold 

Moaning Box 

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