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Light-bulbFV2 How do you get Farm Bucks?

by Debi Segar Legg - Oct 24, 2012 Star_s7,028 views

I am on level 18 and still have not gotten any Farm Bucks. How do you get them?

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12-em-plus add reply

Depending on your OS, there is a banner that appears at the bottom of FV2 for free FB if you watch their ads. This is how I get mine.


thanks Alan. I got the 3 free ones already.


alan that link for the 3free bucks is expired i tried it thanks :)


You don't. This game does not give out FV2 Cash like the original FarmVille game. There is a link somewhere on this forum that is giving out 3 FV2 Cash. Look for it and click on it. Outside of that, there is nothing else.

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