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Question-whiteHorseshoes, does anyone know?

by Dianna Rockwood - Oct 25, 2012 Star_s13,466 views

I am on level 10. I would like to buy another plot. It says I have to sell horseshoes. Does anyone know how to get them? They dont sell them in the market. ty.

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12-em-plus add reply

All you have to do is feed your " Adult Horses" the prized horses give you saddles when they are fed.


You can't just tend to a prized horse - it has to be fed. Your friends horses or your own - either way they will drop horse shoes. Your friends won't do it all the time, it is like anything else you get from there.
If you own the horse you can only feed it once every 24 hours - so I suggest buying the one that gives the most horse shoes to start with.
Good luck! (btw, to the person that thinks it is coded wrong - I am just now on level 19 and I bought that land a few days back on level 12).


Got to friends farms who own horses and feed them. Once in a while a horseshoe will popup for you to collect. Other than that you will have to own and feed a horse yourself, get the one that offers the most horseshoes when fed.


Im having the same problem im glad theres an answer thanks!!


I believe this one is coded wrong. If you look around online it's actually a level 28 plot, not level 10. I know it shows up at 10, but I think it's marked wrong.


and by tending to Marie's baby horses they give them too


You get horseshoes by owning a horse and feeding it.

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