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Light-bulbMissions saddles an more water.

by Gabriela Curecheriu - Oct 26, 2012 Star_s325 views

better. How do I switch swarmed with saddles? We fed the horses and not give me any more water o can not? is less only 30. Thank you very much.

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12-em-plus add reply

I have the saddles. I even bought a second horse, and still no saddles. Even when it "matured" and I got the notice that I 'earned' 3 saddles, nothing got credited toward that mission, and they are not in storage?


I contacted Zynga support a little over 3 days ago now, and still NO response, I was having trouble with a few quests, now they deleted those quests. Now I also can't collect saddles. I have fed/clicked on at least 30 horses, not 1 saddle. I am really angry with their customer support, they do not care about the customers AT ALL!!


You'll have to contact Zynga Support if your horses are not giving out any Saddles.


i cant get saddles from my horses!! ive fed and fed and fed but only horseshoes! cant get past this misssion! any hints????

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