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Question-whiteHalloween Candy Shack & Teddy Sheep

by Vinita Kulkarni - Oct 27, 2012 Star_s1,889 views

How many times we can get a Teddy sheepby redeeming candees?

I had many candees.. I redeemed them all.. Got all 4 items and received a Teddy sheep..

Now I have even more candees enough to get those 4 items again.

Will I get a sheep again? Have anyone tried it ??

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12-em-plus add reply

That isn't true in my case....everything still safely stored in inventory, under decorations.


Alexander Gogh >> for me when i put them into inventory, they vanished except bat kite, and nowhere to found... :D >>

You can find them.. Don't search them in any category.. Go to storage and click on star.. and go searching.. you will find all 4 items there.. As this are special items.. they are not there in other special categories like decorations or consumables...


once obtained a sheep, do not give more, you can only take the other items; I have already tried 3 times :(


I've tried it, it only give you one teddy sheep, the second time we redeem only give us the redeemed item, and never ever put your jack o lantern, cobweb fence, cat o lantern (which you got from redeem candy) in your inventory, for me when i put them into inventory, they vanished except bat kite, and nowhere to found... :D


it will only allow u to get the sheep once no matter how many times u get all 4 items


I am wondering the same thing. So if anyone has tried this, please let us know. Thanks.


I haven't tried it yet since I don't yet have enough candy for a second round of items. If you have enough Candy, test it out and let us know if you get it or not.

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