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Question-whiteCant get more yellow bell peppers!!

by Kristel Opdam-Eimers - Oct 27, 2012 Star_s586 views

I have just unlocked the area with 1 bell pepper stand and finished the quest to unlock more in the shop. But I can't get more bell pepper stands. It says I have maximum already but a lot of my neighbours have 2 or 3. Does anyone know why??? Thx

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12-em-plus add reply

I think you also have to gain a few more star before the second and third ones open up. I'm sure that is what I had to do with mine since I couldn't buy the second one even though my first had been built for days.


That may be it. Haven't finished first one. thnx


Make sure to finish the construction of your first yellow stand before move to the next one. same as the pumpkin stands.

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