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Question-whitelevel 57 question

by Edna Carr Hatchett - Oct 28, 2012 Star_s2,903 views

With 3 chained card, how do you get past level 57. I waste my boosters and have to keep going back to play easy level hoping for one to fall.

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HELP! I finish level 57 within the time allowed and it keeps saying I failed to complete it in allowed time? This has happened 4 times. I am about to give up as I can't move any further but I DID finish BOTH levels within allowed time. Is there somewhere to talk to mods?


Video and tricks for Level 57

it have been changed again to be a bit easier.



I played until I managed to free one of the chained cards with a little luck, always taking in Extra Jokers into the game, you can watch my video at the Blogspot Blog for Pyramid Solitaire Saga


I didn't have enough points. I played both levels to the end and still didn't get to the next level. I had 28000 something and i need to have 29.000. O, well... When all my lives are resort, i will try again with only one joker:P I did it before:) Good luck everybody!


I am having the same problem it's driving me crazy !!!! How do I do it without buying from the bazar ?


i am having the same problem let me know if you manage to get passed it


I can't get past level 57!!!!!!!!! its driving me nuts hahahaha

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