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Light-bulbXP Value of Prized Animals

by Jennifer Mangan - Oct 28, 2012 Star_s6,677 views

I don't mind keeping a few prized animals on my farm, but I'd like to have them be the highest xp valued ones. (I'm guessing ones that take real money will have a higher xp value, but there's no way I'm going to use real money on an animal.)

If folks could shout out an xp value they've seen for a certain animal, I could make a list for others who may be curious about this too.

Prized Nubian Goat = 72 xp

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Does anyone know where you can find an updated listing for the xp value on prized animals - not the ones we buy for coin or farmbucks - the ones we get as a gift for quests etc. Those aren't listed in the general store!


Hold on to those prized animals... they just got a whole lot more useful and interesting!

Prized animals now give out special ingredients for crafting! There are a bunch of threads popping up on this, but the basics are that you get swiss cheese from the cows, goats cheese from the goats, brown eggs from the chickens, and fleece from the bunnies!


I took what I've found for Experience and also added what previous comments had and broke it down by how you get them. Here is the list so far.

Coin Purchase Animals and their Experience
Angora Rabbit=75
Black Arabian Horse=66
Cottontail Rabbit=75
Jersey Cow=105
Katahdin Sheep=83
Long-horned Cow=60
Merino Sheep=59
Mustang Horse=42
Nubian Goat=72
Red Goat=75
Red Rhode Island Chicken=10
Saanen Goat=36
Swiss Cow=150
White Chicken=10
White Rabbit=10
White Sheep=10

Hen House after you get 5 Exotic Eggs
Polish Silver Lanced Chicken=150

Special Event Animals and their Experience
Angora Goat=100
Teddy Bear Sheep=75
Wild Turkey=120
Witch Bunny=60

Farm Cash Animals and their Experience
Ameraucana Chicken=75

Limited Farm Cash Animals and their Experience
Dexter Cow=120


The animal with high XP value (not cash animal):
Polish Silver Laced Chicken - 150xp 50coins
Swiss Cow - 150xp 50coins
Angora Goat (Event Animal) - 120xp 50coins
Wild Turkey(Event Animal) - 100xp 50 coins

For me i spam alot of Red Goats because they are very cheap, easy to feed, consume little bottle and carry 75XP value when prized =)


Hope it's helpful....

Animal EXP Coins
White Sheep 10 EXP 0 Coins
White Chicken 10 EXP 6 Coins
Rhode Island Red Chicken 10 EXP 23 Coins
Saanen Goat 36 EXP 0 Coins
Mustang Horse 42 EXP 0 Coins
Merino Sheep 59 EXP 0 Coins
Longhorn Cow 60 EXP 0 Coins
Black Arabian Horse 66 EXP 0 Coins
Nubian Goat 72 EXP 0 Coins
Red Goat 75 EXP 0 Coins
Cottontail Rabbit 75 EXP 0 Coins
White Rabbit 75 EXP 0 Coins
Angora Rabbit 75 EXP 0 Coins
Hubbard Chicken (Farm Cash Item) 75 EXP 0 Coins
Katahdin Sheep 83 EXP 0 Coins
Ameraucana Chicken (Farm Cash Item) 75 EXP 0 Coins
Jersey Cow 105 EXP 0 Coins
Ibex (Farm Cash Item) 110 EXP 0 Coins
Dexter Cow (Limited Farm Cash Item) 120 EXP 0 Coins

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