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Light-bulbCriterion for Marking Links Expired on Link Exchange

by Scott Chastain - Oct 29, 2012 Star_s1,281 views

It seems that I usually cannot use links with more than three clicks but links stay listed on the link exchange well into the twenty plus clicks point.

What criterion should we use for marking links expired. If we get the message that to many people have claimed the link should we assume it is expired?

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12-em-plus add reply

Yes. If you get any kind of message indicating that the link has expired or that all items have been claimed, then assume the link is no longer valid and mark it as expired. After three people mark a link as expired, it will be removed from our Link Exchange.

Please note: For FarmVille 2, do NOT confuse the "you have collected too many items recently" message with a "link is no longer valid" or "all rewards have been given out" message. In FV2, you are only allowed to collect a certain number of items from each reward post category before the game places you in a time-out for that category.

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