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Question-whiteStuck on Level 97 with the bombs

by Sherry Layne Beane - Nov 01, 2012 Star_s1,028,170 views

Help I can not get past

Level 97 with the bombs.

Any Ideas?

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Help, I'm Stuck too!

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Help, I'm Stuck!

Are you stuck on this level?

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"Many people are still stuck on this level, the basics are shown in my earlier posting below. However after clearing multiple times again, I realised the most efficient method is to create color bombs 2-3 times and coupled with consistent clearing of time bombs. Again I emphasised that this is not the ONLY method, this is the most efficient method I discovered. The method you need to use depends on what is given to you. For the other methods refer to my earlier posting below or look at the generic strategies and video available here http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013_06_01_archive.html


Level 97 wasn't as hard as 98. Now that I know what to do, but if your board don't come down right, then the skill don't mean nothing. You have to use your wrap & strips candy in order to get your points. If don't matter what color they are as long as its a wrap & strip candy switch it. That will give you a big candy that will/ almost clear your board. Do this 1 or 2x and depending on where you @ in your scores this will give you your points. I think it took me less then 10 try's and I move on. Level 73 or 74 I can't remember took me a week in a half. I hope this information will help you.


There is a Google Chrome extension you can enable called Candy Crush Cracker that adds a button to the game, that when clicked will automatically beat any level for you. You could use that to get past this level.

You can enable the extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/candy-crush-cracker/bgennlofmbkobjldjlnijimhiohpahop



Hi Sherry, I thought Level 97 was pretty hard as well. I read some guides for level 97. For example this one:

Good luck completing the level.


Look to clear out the bombs quickly in this level. The bombs are worth more points. Look to make special candy combinations to help you destroy them. If you are looking for more tips to help you beat level 97 here are a few more tips and cheats: http://candycrush-cheats.com/level-97/


I thought I was never going to complete this level, but after 5 days and reading many tutorials I've done it.my best advice us to roll the level if the top right bomb won't drop down into any of its corresponding colour, and to hope for a chocolate sprinkle bomb and only use it on a bomb!I got 2 chocolate sprinkles and combined them both with bombs to win this level with 3 stars.hope that helps someone!


Striped and Wrapped is the only way to go. What I don't like is having to get 100 000 on top of everything else when they clearly do not give you enough of the same colors near each other. Yes it is possible but extremely annoying. I will take the encroaching chocolate levels any day over these idiotic bombs. I keep playing because I like the graphics but Jewels Dash is so much more humane.


This wasn't a hard level for me - if I remembered correctly. You just have to take care of those pesky bombs. Often times - when I got stuck for a long time at any level - I just try to change my focus in the game. Try to do things another way, instead of repeating the same moves that brings no result. Watching a video of how others do it is a good way to force yourself to change your focus and priorities in the game.
Or learn it from a guide like this one here: http://ravenshare.blogspot.com/2013/09/candy-crush-saga-tips.html


it doesn't matter how many moves you have left if the bombs count down to zero before you get rid of them, the game is over...gotta use them as quickly as you can


Before you start making moves, look into the very upper right—that’s where the bombs can get stuck. You need to make striped/wrapped combos here to keep clearing the board and removing the bombs to attain the points to pass the level.


Here a clear How to for Level 97 with actual explanation in the video:)
Hope you passs it!


I've been stuck on 97 for ages..doesn't matter how I play it I cant get anywhere near the score..9 times out of ten I have 17 moves left and that's it game over..if there are more of these types of levels this is where I get off ..playing it on facebook is no different to android Ive tried both ..swapped candy's hit the big chocolate balls and still no where ...why are they telling us we have 25 moves when in reality we dont ...


97 and 98 are so time limited..i don't even make 3 moves and time is up..it has nothing to do with 25 moves..finally I get through 97 (too much stress) and there are those time bombs in 98..I need to know if this is going to be from now on because this is where I get off if that's the case..If you have some time freak putting these bombs in the game because they like like them, let them make a spin off "Candy Crush Saga Time Bomb" ... this changes the whole complection of the game..if this is the way the saga is from here on in..this is where I get off!!


OMG! I am so stuck on this level. I've had 2 striped candies and a wrap candy and Got some big points. This wan on my 3rd move. play the forth move and the game was over. I thought you get 25 moves? I HATE THIS LEVEL SOOOOOOO BAD!


I tried the trick of NOT doing it on my Iphone5, and trying the laptop through Facebook. Said I would get it in 2 tries. Guess what? Been stuck on this level for 6 weeks and not only did I have a bunch of free boosters that I would've never known about by logging onto the laptop and playing, but I won in 3 tries!!!! HOLY MOLY!!!!


What does Florian mean play on FaceBook instead? I deleted the CC app, went to FB and selected CC and it took me right back to App Store on my iPad ?!?


Why I can't use all my moves. I had 17 moves left and game ends.


Guys, stop reading the comments above or below. Try it with your facebook account. I played it on my android and was stuck for a week. Never came close to 70K. In some games I had 3 wrap & stripe candy and chocolate ball but still never made it. After getting mad I read some blogs and people were mentioning to play this level on facebook. I tried and I made it through with only one wrap & stripe candy and a chocolate ball. It seems like on fb you get many more points for the same actions. Good luck


There must be a bug in this level. I even matched two color chocolates but still far from the score. No cascade happened after I switched them - which should clear every piece on the board as it performed in previous levels.

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