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Question-whiteBaby Bottles and "too many gifts"

by Tiffany Hiles-Tampourlos - Nov 03, 2012 Star_s16,858 views

I realy need baby bottles!, I love Link Exchange and its has helped a ton but I never seem to get bottles, my neighbors dont seem to send them?????

Also when I try to snag and or get items on link exchange most of the time i get a message saying "too many gifts" WHY????????





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12-em-plus add reply

Bottles do work in link exchange - however as Alan said it isn't give and get one ..
I agree with Eric on this - play on Your limits are still there as to how many gifts you can get, but you can gain enough to feed one animal to adult.


@Sue Calliari - FarmVille 2 has added graphics for being able to craft our own Baby Bottles in the Kitchen, but when they will release it is anybody's guess. That said, don't forget that for every Baby Bottle you craft in your Kitchen will be one less item you can craft to sell at your Market or fulfill a quest. So there will be a trade-off.


My suggestion is to play on I get all the bottles i need from there.


I read on fv2 forum I believe that bwe will be able to make baby bottles soon .... will take milk you collect from your animals and baby bottles you get from friends. Seems to be thats just going to be an extra step but may be easyer to get them in the long run. I know some of the more expencive animals take 17 bottles but yet you can only have 12 in storage. maybe this will change that.


Baby Bottles

1) Baby Bottles do not show up on the Link Exchange because the reward posts associated with them are not of the "give one get one" variety. By that, we mean those reward posts don't give the reward to both the person who posted the link and the person who clicked the link. Baby Bottle reward posts are normal posts that only give the item to the person who clicks the link.

2) Your FV2 Friends are more likely to send Water or Fertilizer than Baby Bottles. Instead, you'll have to ask your friends for them. To do this, place a baby animal on your farm and feed it. When the system detects you are out of Baby Bottles, it will give you the option to ask your friends for more. Click the "ask" button, then send a request to one-third of your Facebook Friends. Baby Bottles does not come with an option to send only to FV2 Friends, so this is your only option. Next time you log on to your farm, feed the baby until you are out of bottles again. Then send a request to the next third of your Facebook Friends. Do this everytime you are out of Baby Bottles.

Too Many Gifts

FarmVille 2 limits how many items you are allowed to collect per category (XP, Feed, Fertilizer, Coins, Baby Bottles, etc.). Once you hit this limit, which seems to vary for everyone, you are timed-out for between 1 to 9 hours (again, the time-out length seems to vary for everyone). Continuing to click links when you are in a time-out can cause the time-out to start over.

Use our Snag Bar to collect as many items as you can in FarmVille 2. When you time-out in a category, a pop-up will slide up from the left corner and tell you. When you have hit the limit in most categories, stop snagging. Try again about an hour later. If you immediately hit time-outs again, stop snagging and wait a couple more hours before trying again.


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