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Light-bulbthose having problems with FV2 re-loading

by Mai Hernandez - Nov 04, 2012 Star_s3,699 views

I have tried all the things suggested but i discovered something on my own.

The problem is not the browsers or the game its ADOBE!

If you do this one thing I did it will let your games load:

go to your task manager: press-control+alt+delete all together to open it

**if it goes to a new screen just select the task manager it will open**

in the box click on "processes"

scroll the list and look for ADOBE there may be more than one..

click on the end task button or just right click the adobe in the prosessing list then select end.

then get out the box.

**this will reset your adobe** it will not hurt your pc. you just need it to reset thats all.

go to the game it will load for you. the reason why this works its simple..adobe is used to play the game. when games are messing up on the servers it causes loading issues in adobe reading the games. so reset it and go about ur biz. i did it once and didnt have to do it again.

good luck.

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12-em-plus add reply

Forgot to say... if I open FB... my game will crash. Guaranteed. I can open 21 other windows and tabs and there will be NO problem... but not facebook. Nor can I use the link exchange here, or the feeds gather without a crash. I can read and reply to posts here... but not use anything that is going to open a FB window. No clue why. I DO know that it was not this way before FB did timeline. May just be a coincidence, no clue why it would make a difference. Just saying.


Adobe is not the problem on my computer either. BUT... I did figure something ELSE out that is worth trying if you are truly at your wit's end. And... it is simple!

Not sure exactly why, prob has something to do with my system (computer set up). Try playing from the website and do NOT open a facebook window. Go ahead and log into zynga from the page with the facebook login pop-up... but it will close after log in. Do not open facebook in another tab, window, NOTHING.

Also... go get a sandwich while zynga loads. Then accept all the messages. If you are like me... if you have a lot of messages (meaning more than 5 in MY case! LOL) once the mail closes it is going to tell you it needs to reboot. Click accept (or report if you want... but I think that they just put that button there to make you feel better... it does nothing). Now go have a cigarette, take the dog out to pee... pee yourself even. Let it load fully. Repeat this procedure until it loads without opening the mail because there is not any.

I know this seems to be a total pain. But once I do this I can play with NO crashes for DAYS! Or at least until wednesday when they release a new quest and I have to go through this procedure all over again. LOL


Someone I know tried this because she keeps getting the whoops a daisy message immediately on loading the farm but unfortunately it did not work. She has not been able to use her farm for over a week. Zynga says they are working on it and her patience is appreciated but that is all they say. She is level 32.


I agree, i havent had issue with anything when it comes to zynga games in months after i removed Adobe reader. two days ago i reloaded adobe reader 10. something for some tax forms i need for applying for my student loans and now i am having refresh and posting issues constantly. I have tried to tell players this constantly for months that it is not the game nor is it facebook most of the time and they just dont believe me..

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