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Light-bulbAmeba pico shut down!!!!!!

by Louay Dw Oneeightseven - Nov 05, 2012 Star_s3,262 views

Dear reader...

Unfortunately pico world has shut down sadly we cannot play it anymore and if your asking why its because the Ameba pico staff dont have enough developer recources.. :( they said it was going to shut down on 12/17 but it shut down today :(

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12-em-plus add reply

its 2013 feb.5 i think and it already shut down but its ganna come back soon maybe try to play ambea pigg but its japanies so yeah or try to take your mind off it for a while like maybe you can play this game that i play here it is i hope you enjoy playing it and im sorry for the pico ppl that miss pico. remember that we all cant play pico. I hope you have a great YEAR 2013 happy new year and for the chines happy chines new YEAR BTW im chines lol


They are shutting down. But not today .-.


It has not shut down. There is a notice on their Fan Page ( that they are having server issues today.

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