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Light-bulbSnagbar updates for resently released quests and game updates

by Tony Hull - Nov 05, 2012 Star_s482 views

Hey guys, snagbar updates for Farmville are taking a little longer then usual.  The problems that effected us yesterday have for the most part cleared up for all users.  However, it is still effecting my ability to use the "Report as Snaggable" feature to update the snagbar for Farmville.

So, I am using my own game feed from farmville (from my awesome neighbors) to update new content to farmville.  I'm working on updating for the quest released today and should have it up to date within the next few minutes for that quest.

Trees and animals will take a bit longer as I sift through what I still need to add.  But these too will be updated as soon as I track everything down.

I apologize for the time delay in all of this!  As soon as our reporting set up is back up and working at full speed this should not be an issue.

If you notice anything specific that is missing that you can't live without feel more then free to let me know!  The easiest way would be to post the Name of the missing reward along with two links:

A.) the link used to collect the reward (right click the blue text used to collect the reward and save the link to cut and paste.

B.) the link used for the image (right click the image shown beside the feed post that represents the farmville post and save the Image link(url) for cut and paste.

Working on quests now.  And will continue with everything else afterwards (working backwards till we're fully caught up).

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12-em-plus add reply

I know, but it's the only thing I could find on quest updates, not sure where else to post?


This post is a month old Stephanie.


when will the Zing, Snowman and ML 8 Quest's be updated to snag the "ask for" items? There's only 2 days left for ML 8 and it's still not added?


Thank you Stevevette!  Both Saws, Lamp Post, Cobblestone, and Bench  have been added!

Also, the "Report as snaggable" feature for sending needed farmvile feed posts to us is working once again!  So updates as fast as we can find them and as fast as they are normally with reported feed posts!

Thank you for everyone patience!

There is another quest coming out on the 8th for farmville.  We will have the requirements listed and snaggable tomorrow (the 7th) ahead of the scheduled release so that you guys don't miss anything. :)

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