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Light-bulbAll Farms Quest...Farmville Big Harvest

by Melissa Pugh Gaddis - Nov 06, 2012 Star_s4,309 views

FarmVille Big Harvest Quest

Starts: 8th November, 2012 Expires: 22nd November, 2012
Note: This quest may be carried out on all farms, and should be repeatable.

Quest 1: Harvest Time!

Get 6 Sickles

Harvest 50 Wheat (12 Hrs Crop)

Harvest Chicken Coop 2 Times

Rewards: 125 XP, Grain Bin , 2500 Farm Coins

Quest 2: Tie it Up!

Get 7 Sheaf Ties

Harvest 75 Cotton (12 Hrs Crop)

Harvest Horse Paddock 2 Times

Rewards: 150 XP, Black Ox , 3000 Farm Coins

Quest 3: Flail About

Get 8 Flails

Harvest 100 Rye (20 Hrs Crop)

Harvest Black Ox 2 Times

Rewards: 175 XP, 1 Unwither , 3500 Farm Coins

Quest 4: Your Biggest Fan

Get 9 Winnowing Fans

Harvest 125 Soybeans (24 Hrs Crop)

Master Black Ox to 1-Star (5 Harvests)

Rewards: 200 XP, American Alpine Goat , 4000 Farm Coins

Quest 5: Don't get Tired

Get 9 Tires

Harvest 150 Rice (12 Hrs Crop)

Harvest American Alpine Goat 2 Times

Rewards: 225 XP, Turbo Charger - Pack of 3 , 4500 Farm Coins

Quest 6: Wave the Flag

Get 9 Flags

Harvest 150 Tomatoes (8 Hrs Crop)

Master American Alpine Goat to 1-Star

Rewards: 250 XP, 1 Mystery Dart , 5000 Farm Coins

Quest 7: Harvest Fun

Get 10 Harvest Bins

Harvest 150 Peanuts (16 Hrs Crop)

Harvest Livestock Habitat 2 Times

Rewards: 275 XP, Black Holstein Cow , 5500 Farm Coins

Quest 8: Tractor Time

Get 11 Tractor Polish

Harvest 150 Pumpkins ( Hrs Crop)

Harvest Black Holstein Cow 2 Times

Rewards: 300 XP, Gnome Harvester , 6000 Farm Coins

Quest 9: Hot Stuff

Get 12 Thermoses

Harvest 200 Squash ( Hrs Crop)

Master Black Holstein to 1-Star (5 Harvests)

Rewards: 325 XP, Giant Jersey Chicken , 6500 Farm Coins

Thanks to The Digger for the info.

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12-em-plus add reply

I did all of the quests and right before the last quest was finished the whole thing disappeared. Not too happy about that.


Onteresting, I haven't seen this quest as yet and none of my neighbors have asked for any of the quest items mentioned. Strange!


place ox in cow pasture till ready to harvest if you have more than 1 place into next and so on till you get the mastery done if you have your pastures ready for harvest place in there and wait till it goes back to 100%


How long does it take to harvest the ox....
it's been 2 1/2 days and i still haven't harvested it once!


I may do it just for the gnome, Wendy. He's cute :)


I may do it after the pink okra event


I do it for the gnome addicted.


I know, pretty sad...skipping this one.


yeesh thats the prizes. Cmon Zynga get creative. Where's the horses, trees? How bout a little cash! Thanks for posting Melissa. Its live. :)


You're very welcome...I added the images of the prizes, so you can see what you're playing for now :)


Thanks a lot Melissa :)

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