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Question-whitehow to get rid of fence

by Melissa Wolfe Smail - Nov 07, 2012 Star_s214 views

I had bought and put up a fence, Wanted to take it down for more let me put the fencing in inventory but wont let me move,sell or store the four post??? Any ideas why

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12-em-plus add reply

There's actually a glitch with the posts. Each time you load up FV2 a new post is placed on top of the old one. So when you go to try to sell the little posts (which is the only way to get rid of them, can't move them), you have to click multiple times to sell each post that has been placed on top of one another.

I figured this out when I was getting frustrated that it wouldn't let me sell even though I clicked on it a zillion times, then it would all of a sudden sell after the zillionth time. If you zoom in as far as you can on the post, you can see the "dirt" area around it. As you keep clicking on each post with the "sell" function enabled, the little dirt area slowly disappears until it looks like a normal amount of fence post "dirt".


It will let you. However, those extra posts are very small. You will have to zoom in close enough to the post and make sure your mouse is right over it.

Oh, and you can only sell those posts.

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