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Light-bulbLive Chat log - "Sorry farmer, you've accepted too many gifts recently."

by Alan Attebery - Nov 07, 2012 Star_s9,486 views

So I had a chat today with a Live Chat agent about the extreme inconsistencies when it comes to being able to collect reward posts off the News Feed. As you know, when collecting items off your News Feed for FarmVille 2, the game will lock you out of certain categories after collecting X number of items. And once you are locked out, you are locked out for Y amount of time.

The problem is, that X number of items seems to be different for everyone. Some people say they get about 10 of each item before getting locked out. I usually get about 7 Fertizliers, 5 Feed, and between 2-4 for everything else except coins. I no longer collect water off the News Feed as I collect it off my Timeline instead, which allows me to collect six items every time I visit my farm.

In addition, the Y amount of time is inconsistent as well. I collect items this morning around 5:30 AM CT. I did not attempt to collect again until shortly after 2:00 PM CT, over 8 1/2 hours later. Early word with this game was that the lock out in a category was suppose to last an hour.

Below is my chat log with the Live Chat agent. The interesting parts are in bold-italics.


Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Karis J.'.
Hi Alan! How can I help?

Alan: How many items of each reward post category are we allowed to collect from our News Feed before we're not allowed to collect anymore?

Karis J.: I am sorry but there are still no specific limit on that one. If I understand your concern, you are having trouble collecting from the reward posts of your neighbors, correct?

Alan: Yes. But how can you say there are "no specific limit" when I get "you have collected too many gifts recently" on various categories all the time.

Karis J.: I truly understand, this is actually an issue being corrected by the STudio for other players are also having the same problem.

Karis J.: But for now, I can offer you some consumable to be added to your game.

Karis J.: May I know what you are trying to collect?

Alan: Before you do that, can you explain a little more? Are you saying there aren't suppose to be any limits at all?

Karis J.: That is the issue. There are still no updates on what really is the limit or if there really is a limit. This is still being discussed by the Studio.

Alan: Does that mean y'all are addressing the fact that once we get timed-out, we're getting timed out for hours and hours and hours?

Alan: I last collected items this morning at 5:30 AM, and when I just tried to collect again a few minutes ago, which is nearly 9 hours later, I couldn't get anything.

Alan: Not a single, solitary, thing.

Karis J.: I truly understand for again, this is tagged as a current issue being corrected.

Alan: This has been ongoing since I began playing the game over two months ago, and people have complained about it since before I began. Are they really working on this? Cause it shouldn't take this long.

Karis J.: Yes, they are surely working on it. You can check on the forums for updates.

Alan: What is the link to that thread? The forum over there is extremely confusing and the only things I saw were people complaining. I didn't see anything from a Zynga person.

Karis J.: Please visit and go to the forums page of FarmVille 2.

Alan: Which does me no good because, like I said, I have never seen anything official from a Zynga person about this on the boards.

Karis J.: So sorry.

Karis J.: Again, this is a current issue being investigated and being corrected by the Studio. For now, there are still no updates on what really is the limit for collecting from the feeds. For now, all I can do is to make a report and send it to the Studio regarding your concern and add some consumables to your game.

Alan: Please make a report about this. As for the consumables, thank you but no thank you. The last time I contacted Live Chat, the agent accidentally gave me way more XP than she intended to. So I'm not out for anything else. I contacted today solely because this issue is an issue that needs to be fixed and I want my complaint taken seriously, not as being from someone who is simply looking for free stuff.

Karis J.: I respect your decision.

Karis J.: Please be assured that this will be cleared out soon.

Karis J.: Thank you for contacting Zynga Costumer Support.

Karis J.: Have a great day.

Karis J.: Stay blessed and take care

Alan: Thank you.


So apparently there is some confusion within FarmVille 2 on whether there is suppose to be any limits at all! I find that very funny since they went out and created a graphic that says "you've accepted too many gifts recently." Why on earth would they create that graphic if they didn't intend for their to be limits.

The limits themselves don't bother me. What bothers me is that over two months after I started playing this game, the limits, and the associated time-out, still don't work correctly. There is no reason why it should be taking this long to fix this.

For that matter, the inconsistent X number of items would actually be tolerable if the Y amount of time was set-up correctly. That is the item that really needs to be fixed immediately. Set it for one-hour or set it for two-hours. I don't really care. Just get it working correctly so we can start collecting items on a known schedule instead of having to hold our breath eight hours later in the hopes that it has decided to start working.

Get your act together, FarmVille 2, and get this item fixed once and for all.

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12-em-plus add reply

I hope this is more helpful to you than it has been to me but I use 2 links for Farmville 2 to get the gifts I need . Today I got locked out with only 10 gifts total. When I tried gamer's unite I'm told I have excepted to many gifts. The 2 I use is ....,


FarmVille 2 has two limits:

1) You can only collect approxmiately 31 items a day from your News Feed. Once you hit that limit, you won't be able to collect much of anything else until the next day.

2) You can only collect between 4 and 8 items from each category (Water, Fertilizer, Coins, etc) per day, assuming you haven't hit your overall daily limit from number 1 above. Once you hit this amount, you won't be able to collect from this category again until the next day.


has this issue ever been resolved? i got on FV 2 yesterday at 10am then got back on last night at 11pm and i'm still getting the message "you've accepted to many gifts". then i get up this morning at 5am and was only able to collect around 8 items and boom... message "you've accepted to many gifts"..... what is the limit and if no one knows, then what is the wait out time frame? seems it's more than 12 hrs..... oh and btw - i don't use link exchange at all... just trying to collect from my actual neighbors


I have been having this issue since I started playing when the game came out. I have many friends and it is unfair that we get penalized because we have more availability to items.


They were made aware of this back in November and STILL has not been fixed?????? What the heck is going on? I play a game and they limit me to what I can claim as gifts??? why and what purpose????


I have a teenager (with friends... I am "the cool mom" so there are usually a few "extras" about), 2 dogs, 4 parrots, a hamster, and a cat (who does actually have a sweet tooth!). I should probably just buy a franchise store... or I would go broke! LOL


@Robyn Barcomb - I'm smart. I buy them 3 dozen at a time. That usually lasts me about 2 hours, sometimes 3. :)


The really weird part is that they posted the yellow bar... but there is no thread in their KNOWN bugs section about it. Glad YOU have plenty... I have just learned how to play without any. I do need a crapload of rye and really would like to fertilize that since it matures so darn quick and will be depleting my water faster than it can replenish.

BTW... you actually have Krispy Kremes to warm up when you get back home? I live in the DC metro area... it can take 40 minutes to go 4 miles during rush hour... no way that box is gonna have any left by the time I get to my front door! LOL


@Robyn Barcomb

Interesting. I've never had to do any of that. All I do to get Live Chat is buy some Krispy Kremes, bring them home, warm them up, then wave them in front of the Sniffer I attached to my computer. Seems to do the trick each time. :)

And no. I haven't contacted Zynga about the Fertilizer issue. Until Zynga posted their yellow bar about the Fertilizer issue a couple of weeks ago, I hadn't experienced a major problem. Slight dip from time to time, but usually didn't have a problem with getting Fertilizer. Even now, the only time it's really an issue for me is when I go into my farm two to four hours after my last visit. If I wait eight hours or more, I usually have more than enough people on my farm feeding animals and giving me fertilizer.


BTW Alan... have you ever tried contacting them about the ongoing fertilizer problem?


@ Alan - it is simple. Live chat shows up when you need it least. If you use it... you then have to wait a certain number of hours, days, or weeks to use it again. This schedule is predetermined by zynga using a new math algorithm designed by 3 nuns, a quantum physics undergrad, and the chimpanzee wearing the suit (he is located on the 12th floor of their new state-of-the-art 10 story building). This schedule is different for each player and only the chimpanzee knows what your personal schedule is and his typing sucks... so good luck finding it out. If you ask a question that zynga places in the same category as a previous question... your system will crash and it resets the clock.

Drinking the kool-aid increases your chances... but only if you eat the right mix of cookies with it. Oreos increase your chances more than the eclairs. You can usually get through if you have a jelly doughnut... but they cost FarmBucks and cannot be purchased with coins.

The good news is that zynga is aware of the problem and is working on it. It should be fixed "soon" or on the fifth Tuesday of this month... whichever comes first.

Was that helpful? (Sorry... could not help myself.)


Live Chat doesn't show up for everyone. There are guidelines for when Live Chat is suppose to show up, but I have no clue what they are.


where and how do i get to the live chat ? i filled a complaint by email today but would have loved to be able to go through live chat and get a answer lol


I am in complete agreement with you. The system is completely messed up. I had the most insane issue last week. I hadn't played the game for a few hours before before Sandy hit. We had no power for about 24 hours due to the storm. Of course, I didn't jump right on the computer to play any games right when the power came back on. In total, I went about 36 hours before checking any games at all. I got the screen RIGHT AWAY. Total BS! They ended up with a not-s-nice (yet no vulgar language) email. I was SOOOO beyond annoyed.

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