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Question-whiteNO Money at all

by Marina Bales - Nov 07, 2012 Star_s297 views

I`m not getting farm money at all i have zip none . Cheese issue too.

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Greetings Laura. You can purchase things using the coins. We create coins by selling things (crops we harvest, items we craft) at our market stand. Helping your neighbors also gives you coins. I have progressed to level 34 just using coins. I have not purchased any farmville2 farm bucks using real money.

As of this reply I have accumulated 1,753,819 coins. I have purchased many things including one of the, HarvEstate Manors for 1,000,000 coins. If you want to look at what I have been able to do so far with just coins, see if you can find my farm. Right now it is called - Hood Farms that is in the level 34 area if you play farmvill2 on facebook or zynga. I usually play farmvill2 on zynga because their you can get a lot more friends and neighbors more easily to play with. I should be leveling up in the next day or so.

We can still play and enjoy the game with using just coins. There are some things I can not do (purchasing certain trees, like cinnamon, or some animals) because they need farm bucks instead of coins. An example to get around some of these hurdles are: I get cinnamon for a crafting recipe by harvesting cinnamon trees on my neighbors farms. Sometimes I will get some cinnamon as a reward (with coins), sometimes I will only get coins.

Hope this helps, Bryan


w/coins that's how I do it & I play 4 of them everyday


how can you buy things in farmville 2 when u dont get any farmbucks?


FarmVille 2 does not give out FV2 Cash.

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