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Light-bulbThe Turkey Stampede

by Tonya Collins - Nov 08, 2012 Star_s3,704 views


Its time for the The Great Frontier Turkey Stampede and we Need to raise those turkeys for the big race! Race the fastest trotting turkeys on the frontier and bring home theTop Turkey Trophy! This feature will work just like the Prized Pigs, Sheep, Oxen, Horses, and Pumpkins.

-Must be level 18
-2 New Collections - Turkey Care & Stampede Fan
-New Free Gift crop - Chickpeas - 6 hour harvest
-Storable in the Show Pen after completing the 4th mission

Notes: A Top Turkey runs at over 25 miles per hour. Each Turkey requires 34 feedings of Fowl Fitness which  is crafted with 2 Hot Feed (from harvesting chickpeas which are a free gift  and rarely sunflowers), and 3 Gobbler Grow , requested.


Wrapper: Stampede Turkeys 
Have 5 Top Turkeys
Rewards: 10'000XP, 10 Horseshoes, Turkey Perch 

Turkey Track
Harvest 10 Cranberries
Train a Stampede Turkey 5 times
Place the Turkey Track
Rewards: 500XP, 2 Gobbler Grow, Turkey Statue

Turkey Training
Harvest 25 Sunflowers
Train a Stampede Turkey 15 times
Upgrade the Turkey Track
Rewards: Buff Turkey Unlocked, Spirit Eagle, Antelope

Turkey Talents
Tend 10 Antelopes
Train a Buff Turkey 20 Times
Upgrade the Turkey Track
Rewards: Start Gate Key, Slate Turkey, 5 Chickpeas

Turkey Track Time
Harvest 40 Chickpeas (Free Gift)
Race 5 Stampede Turkeys
Finish Your Turkey Track
Rewards: Fancy Turkey, Turkey Cart, 10 Fowl Fitness


The Turkey Track 

Stage One
4 Mega Grow - Request
Grass Trimmer - Crafted
Grass Fertiliser - Adult Standard Chickens
2 Aerators - Crafted
6 Lane Markers - Requested
10 Survey Stakes - Apple Trees

*Each trimmer requires 2 Pine Handles (Pine Trees) and 4 Mower Bottoms (Requested).
*Each Aerator requires 3 Lemon Rollers (Lemon Trees) and 4 Sharp Spikes (Requested).

Stage Two
8 Ice Baths - Requested
6 Training Sleds - Crafted
8 Jump Ropes - Flax
5 Turkey Hurdles - Crafted
12 Thumb Timers - Requested
10 Wing Weights - Rocks

*Each sled requires 4 Sled Harnesses (Pigs) and 4 Skids (Requested).
*Each Hurdle requires 4 Blue Stalks (Blue Corn) and 4 Hurdle Bases (Requested).

Stage Three
10 Number Bibs - Requested
6 Starting Gates - Crafted
20 Track Banners - Beets (The coin version)
5 Distance Wheels - Crafted
15 Green Flags - Requested
20 Wood Railings - Fig Trees

*Each Gate requires 6 Leather Hinges (Hide Prepping Stations), 8 Old Wood Crates and 8 Gate Releases (Both Requested).
*Each Wheel requires 8 Spoked Wheels (Oxen), 8 Click Counters and 8 Spoke Levers (Both Requested).

Stage Four
10 Race Clocks - Requested
8 Track Drags - Crafted
20 Festive Cowbells - Cows
10 Winner's Wreaths - Crafted
15 Checkered Flags - Requested
1 Start Gate Key - Reward from Mission Three.

*Each Drag requires 4 Steel Boxes (Steel Forges), 8 Drag Pins and 8 Hitching Harnesses (Both Requested).
*Each Wreath requires 6 Rose Flowers (Red Roses), 8 Golden Leaves and 8 Rainbow Ribbons (Both Requested).
















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12-em-plus add reply

If you don't have the icon to the right of your screen you can acess them from your wrapper mission that you are currently on. Mine also appears each time I load the game.



where do you find the turkey stampede missions if you want to start another one?

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