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Light-bulbBaby bottle trouble

by Jessica Lafferty - Nov 09, 2012 Star_s50,100 views

Baby bottles seem to be a hot topic here and I understand why but I need to get my two cents in as well. Maybe an option to create them to benefit the people who only have a few friends? Some animals require 10 bottles and it has already taken me 3 days and still haven't grown my baby. I only have about 9 friends and only 3 send gifts and not every day so this makes it difficult and frustrating. I guess with enough people wanting something like this it may someday happen? Maybe make them with buttermilk or something, just a suggestion though.

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I have discovered that one should play Farmville 2 from the zynga website as opposed to on facebook, you can make zfriends and do not actually have to be fb friends.


Oh I didn't realize I just came to this page and thought I would get my suggestion out there, guess it's already been done though haha.


Actually, as noted on our Farmville 2 Crafting Guide! (Unreleased Recipes) thread, FarmVille 2 may one day give us the ability to craft Baby Bottles.

But there are other ways to get more Baby Bottles. You could keep visiting our Link Exchange page (click the tab at the top of the page) and look to see if anyone has posted any links for it.

You also can click our Add Me tab at the top of the page to look for other people who are interested in finding new FarmVille 2 neighbors. Send a Friend Request to ten people every two or three days and add your name to the list as well. After a while, you will have a nice list of FarmVille 2 friends that you can send your Baby Bottles request to.

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