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Light-bulbWhy put yourself on the "Add Me" list if..

by Daniel Wayne White - Nov 09, 2012 Star_s170 views

You are going to just turn the people in that add you? I haven't added anyone to my Facebook in over 2 weeks. I start playing this game today, put myself on the Add Me list and I added 2 people from it.

Elizabeth James and Mieke Zijlstra. Within an hour of doing so I get booted off and put in Facebook Jail for adding people I don't know,. Between these 2 ladies if you didn't want anyone to add you, then why take the time to put yourself on here? Just to turn people in or what?

When you click the "add Me" to add yourself there is an option you should have noticed to add a comment of what kind of friends or people you were looking for,

Thanks for the Hospitality and hope you the best in having no life at all!!

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