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Light-bulb10 Wells at 14k each? (Updated 12/22/12)

by Ryan Perez - Nov 11, 2012 Star_s39,973 views

Yes, it is true. I have 10 wells. No, I did not use Cheat Engine. I will tell you of a nice exploit to get more wells for your farm!

Buy all of the wells you can, legit, at your current level.

Click on a neighbor to visit their farm.

Quickly click 'Return Home' to return to your home farm (in the middle of neighbor's farm loading.)

As soon as you can, click the Marketplace button to open the Market, and quickly click on the Buildings tab. You will notice some strange things going on (Extra free Kitchen, Feed Mill, etc.)

The most important thing to look for is a Well, depending on how fast you were you can get your well for either 14k, 50k, or 150k. I recommend you keep trying to get it to 14k.

Keep practicing! This takes time, persistance, and patience.

UPDATE 11/28/12: I can not stress enough how difficult this is to pull off, especially with a strong connection speed. I now have an additional 3 wells to when this was first posted, all at 14k each. There may be a trick to position, as the 14k well for me for the past 3 purchases has been the bottom middle-selection of the Buildings tab in the Marketplace. Keep trying, don't give up, and if all else fails, play it over on Zynga's website; the server connection is slower than facebook (which is mighty strange!)

UPDATE 12/22/12: It was fun while it lasted! This glitch has now been fixed by Zynga! :( On a positive note, Zynga appears to have started paying more attention to Farmville 2! Lots of new quests, animals, and cool events headed our way! Now we are all well prepared for the future. Ha, get it? get it?

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try this working for me:

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Is it still working? FV2 was down for several hours the other day and they fixed a lot of the gliches. Has anyone done it since?


does anyone know how to get more wells? I need them badly


you need to place your wells asap. otherwise it will disapear. i had 4 needing to be built at once and i only needed 2 ppl to help build them


lol what poop you can buy the well for your """""" NEIGHBOR'S FARM"""""" not for your own , what poop . };^(


what's the max number of wells can u keep?


It isn't this same trick .. it is a different one. You have to be able to visit your neighbors farm with your tools - not just visit their farm.


this trick is still working :)


@ Karrie - look on here for the glitch - it is titled "hack ur neighbor farm" or something very close to that.

@ Barbara - it sounds like you might have purchased them on the neighbors farm instead of your own.


i was able to get 2 wells at 14k at numerous attempts BUT where do they go. I don't see them anywhere even though the coins left my account?????


Samanatha Miller, how do you do the "new" glitch?


This trick does not work anymore - it was clearly updated on 12/22 stating that fact.
There is however a new glitch open that DOES work - and I have used it several times to get wells and silos.


you can't get anything that costs money, i did it a bunch, and it either gives you cheaper prices for wells and stuff (which i can't use cuz they fixed it ) but i did it a bunch and i was able to get an extra hen house, firewroks wagon, etc.


I have been clicking on another friends farm and it works for me . going back to my farm doesn't work but Going to another farm does and I do it on the 3rd chore I do for a friend not 4 and it works


I don't even have a well come up ??


got it to work but stated sorry can't buy this right now...tried it over a few times, finally got the 14k well. Thanks.


@Rufina - you are using the wrong trick to get one if you can place it on a neighbors farm.
So my suggestion is - click your picture to return home, then again quickly click on the market button - buildings tab - water well.
I've done it 5 times in the last few days .. LOL!


I tried it once a few moments ago, an d it worked. Only once though. Have tried a few times off and on.


Hi guys, i just tried it. It works... I can find a 14K well (my well is supposed to be at 300K) but not sure where to place it after the purchase. If I put it on the neighbor's farm, I can't take it back and keep in my inventory. Any suggestion how do I put it into my farm?

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