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Light-bulbZynga Rewardville is coming to an end. Z.I.P membership is lauched

by Albar Wahab - Nov 14, 2012 Star_s1,679 views

Rewardville is closing on Dec 5, 2012 as you can see on its website. Be sure to use all your zcoins so they don't go to waste.

But don't worry zynga has launched a new program called the Z.I.P membership . It is currently released in closed beta .You can sign up over there by using your facebook account

You can earn points on that site by filling out your information that gives you 20 points and doing activities which are updated weekly. 

You can redeem these points for amazon gift cards and zynga gift cards.You can see the amount of points required below. Right now you are able to earn a total of 39 points which gives you a great start on you way to a 100.

 $5 Amazon Gift Certificate (100 Points)

 $20 Amazon Gift certificate (400 Points)

 $10 Zynga Game Card (200 Points)

Be sure to take an advantage of this offer and join Z.I.P membership.

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12-em-plus add reply

The Coins on RewardVille could be exchanged for some exclusive stuff in some of the games. For example, in Cafe World, you could buy a roof that wasn't available in the game.


Dont know what the coins are for? Always have wondered. Got email yesterday about that Z.I.P thing


Will be interesting to see if they make anything of this new site.

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