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Question-whiteQuest not showing up

by Crystal Sunshine Reagan - Nov 14, 2012 Star_s475 views

I have not had any quest in 2 days. What is going on with this game. I have had nothing but issues for the past week.

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12-em-plus add reply

Its not neccessarily a LEVEL ISSUE. I'm 46 & the Sunny Celebration quest doesn't show up on my account, doesn't matter what browser its displayed in.

THANK YOU Ashley I will try completing the things for the quest and see if it works!


my quest are not showing either but as i completed what is needed in the quest i am getting rewarded this is hard to do considering i havnt a clue as to what the quests are


Not having any quests is not a FarmVille 2 glitch. The game is new, and they haven't oversaturated the game yet with quests. Depending on what level you are, you will get some quests as you continue leveling up. At least one Timed Quest will likely be released as we approach Thanksgiving.

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