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by Dee Dee Onlineshop - Nov 15, 2012 Star_s538 views

HELP! everytime i open my chefville, its REFRESH after 10 to 15 seconds..and after refreshing, the same thing will happen again... :( HELP

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What is the solution For I am very Ataknguet of problems Cutter game


I can not play Cheefville, 5 days Oops, it seems to be a problem ...

Constantly: Oops, it seems to be a problem .... Hello, I can not play Cheefville since 5/16/2013 since I accepted the upgrade games (pinned the option to upgrade to tomato cherry tomato). It's been 5 days, I have all the food burnt and can not continue. According to the instructions I clear my computer, re-install firefox and Java and it does not help. I have found that it is not a computer, as well as other computers I'm in my Facebook account does not work. I changed my password on facebook and nothing. It gives me a Cheefville. I'm constantly approached these steps: Turn Cheefville, opens, open the INBOX that works, open the game, but the bottom bar (restaurant and friends in the game) is gray and starts after 10 s sentence: Oops, we SEEM to be having problems! We've filed a customer service ticket on your behalf. What should I do? I do not know what to do and I can not play. Thank you less


been like that for me also day 4, very frustrating, I was doing good on missions then this....Zynga please please fix this for us!!!


have the same problem i think the problem is with zynga don't know what they are doing but it is messed up i hoop they wil give us more time to finish the thanksgiving quests now when they fixt the problem


Same here....what is wrong, how can I solve this problem???


i have the same problem for the past 3 hours :( i tried clearing my history and cookies, even tried a different browser...still asking me to refresh :((

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