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Question-whitesuggestion: auto-mastery button in snag bar preferences

by Geert Cuypers - Nov 15, 2012 Star_s35 views

There are so many items that it is becoming quite a long chore to go through the list. Since the snag bar has access to our account, would it not be possible to add an auto-mastery button for certain items like trees and animals?

That way, those items that have not been mastered all get checked, and items that have been mastered remain unchecked, and this all with one click, rather than having to waste hours going through that list to figure out what is what?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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12-em-plus add reply

The Snag Bar only has access to your News Feed. It doesn't have access to what you do inside the game itself. As such, there is no way for the Snag Bar to determine if you have mastered something or not. It's a nice thought, but just not doable.

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