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Light-bulbDaily Updated Cityville 2 Tips

by Albar Wahab - Nov 17, 2012 Star_s2,569 views

1- Placing two rows of road together creates a parking lot

2- When a quest asks you to collect from a buisness X times, Instead of advertising it click on the houses which are ready to collect shoppers

3- Place a buisness near to the house for filling the buisness up quickly

4- Try Placing a few bus stops as they produce buses every 4 hours. These buses can be clicked for a total of 3 times for a super shopper which will give an advantage to your buisness

5- For collecting feeds only of cityville 2 Click here

6- While collecting something try to click on it when the line is on the blue part on the meter. Completing 5X , 10X , 15X e.t.c will give you presents.

7- While collecting gifts try to catch them in the sky and try to complete quick games thus when you fill the meter to 100% you will get a chance to complete 5 quick games and get to play a lottery wheel 5 times.

8- Turn day to night or night to day by clicking on the switch button next to your city's name

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12-em-plus add reply

I've seen lottery machines flying through the air, haven't a clue as to what they do.


add me please..I play everyday


I am level 34 and have never seen a lottery wheel.


hiadd meplaese


Awesome! Thanks for the advice! #5 brings me to my own FB feed though. But good info everywhere else!

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