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Light-bulbFree Energy Trick (No software required)

by Albar Wahab - Nov 17, 2012 Star_s2,981 views

It is a very simple and easy trick

1- A popup will accur when you load the game to save data on your computer to make it load faster.

Click " Yes Please "

Allow it and save the data on your computer

2- Now go to your history by Click CTRL+H

3- Clear all of your cache from the past hour or day

4- Now load the game again and you'll get the popup Allow it

5- Keep on doing this until you get alot of energy

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12-em-plus add reply

nope they must have fixed it because it doesn't work


i also have had problems with computer crashing after adding this


I accepted the "load farm faster" for frontierville and farmville awhile back and my computer crashed--it also happened to my husband's computer and my sister's computer. My computer was new (had it less than 2 wks). I have been worried to accept it again for other games. Has anybody been able to accept the load faster for this game without troubles to their computer?


When you go to history Click clear all browsing data And check clear the catch Thats weird on chrome it is giving me energy, let me check it out

Doesn't work with Firefox.
You can get the popup every time, but only ever get the 5 energy once.


I use Firefox.... and when I said yes to this last week I got the "Blue Screen of Death" on my laptop and had to rebuild my laptop.... antivirus software said the was a W.Trojan.HS virus on it.


i go to my history but i don't know how to clear it! can you help me?


yep i get this every time i clear my cache when i log out of FF or Chrome but I alwasy say allow but i never once got the 5 energy. Tried to tell support, they didn't know what i was talking about. I have a Mac so maybe that is the problem, you wouldn't think so. It would be nice to get the energy, sure gets used up a lot...

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