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Light-bulbTreatment of the General

by Eva Zeiher - Nov 17, 2012 Star_s3,925 views

I don't get something. On the "Treatment of the General" every time I try and get this one done the clock beats me. Right now I have about 4:00 hours left but I already hit my limit for the day whenever I try to "heal" the General more. The 4 hours on the clock is gonna run out before I can start treating again. At this pace I'll never finish this. How do I beat the clock?

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12-em-plus add reply

OK so the countdown clock is the total amount of time you have to "treat" the General so you can explore his bunker. If you haven't invited any of your friends to help you with the "invite button", then you have to do 3000 points of treatment yourself. And you only have 10 hits to do it in. So if you're by yourself, you have to hit with 10 of the 300 point medicines -- the one on the far right -- in order to be successful. Weapons are in the "It's Hard in Treatment" collection -- you can go there and see how much medicine you have any time you're interested; be sure you're not charging that to get the rewards if you plan on trying to explore the bunker because it uses up weapons each time you charge! Bottom line: You and whatever people join you have whatever time is indicated on the countdown clock to do 3000 points in whatever time remains -- sorry for all the whatevers! Once you throw the first weapon/medicine, you're locked in and have to wait out the clock. If you don't have any neighbors and no one else is helping you, don't go in unless you have at least 10 of the big weapon/medicine. Doing so is always going to be futile -- you'd never win. Most people find that you need at least 50 people in your neighborhood in order to make good progress but it's up to you. You might benefit from checking out my MM Game Notes site -- in particular, you might want to real Battles and Weapons 101 which is located in the NOTES INDEX (big blue icon under the "like" button area on the main page. Then go to the Battles section -- I think it will answer a lot of questions for you. There's also a ton of other information about all things MM!


10 views and not one reply? Somebody has to know the answer.

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