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Light-bulbLevel 74 help

by Jill Mills - Nov 18, 2012 Star_s42,125 views

Trying to figure out leve 74. Can't see how to finish it when all the ingredients don't appear before the moves run out. Is there a. Way to make the ingredients appear on the board?

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12-em-plus add reply

Get as many stripe candies as possible on game at one time before you use them.


New ingredients only appear when you drop the existing one/s and then they seem to come down in the same column. So concentrate on clearing that column (once you get rid of the chocolate) It took me countless turns to work it out and your success is also dependant on how the board is laid out from the beginning.


Are you guys playing on a phone? If so, try it on your computer (Facebook). I fought this on my phone for about a week and could never get all of the ingredients to show up. Then I tried it on my computer (and hardly got any special pieces) and got it first try with 11 moves left. Something is different in the programming of this game between the phone version and the Facebook version.


I thought 65 was bad, but 74 is driving me insane!! Did you pass it yet? lol

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