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Light-bulbFarm Buildings: Silos

by Alan Attebery - Nov 20, 2012 Star_s4,215 views


Silos allow you to make and store more Feed at any given time. Each Silo will provide you with +25 Feed storage capabilities.

Unlike most of the Buildings in FarmVille 2, Silos are not a must-have item. This means you could, technically, survive on your farm without having to buy any. They are, however, something that will make your life easier when it comes to feeding your animals. Silos can be found in the Buildings section of the General Store.

When you first start playing FarmVille, you have the ability to store 25 Feed. At first, this is fine since you have few animals to feed. Eventually, however, you will find yourself with way more animals than can be fed with the default Feed storage limit.

That's where Silos come in. As the number of animals on your farm grows, so, too, can the amount of Feed you can make and store. This way, you won't have to make repeated trips back to the Feed Mill to get all of your animals fed. However, Silos are an item you can put off purchasing if you are in need of Coins elsewhere.

NOTE 1: A free Silo will be given to you when you have expanded into The Old Silo expansion area. This area is the third row of expansions from the road, second from the left. You will not be able to buy this expansion area until you are at least Level 15.

Not including any free Silos the game may provide you, the cost of each Silos from the General Store is as follows:

  • First Silo - 15,000 Coins
  • Second Silo - 25,000 Coins
  • Third Silo - 50,000 Coins
  • Fourth Silo -
  • Fifth Silo -

See below for the requirements and rewards, if any, for building Wells.


Silos: 1 of 2 - Materials

Rewards: n/a


Silos: 2 of 2 - Builders

Rewards: n/a

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