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Question-whiteWhy aren't all of my friends showing in Add Neighbors?

by Stacey Joy - Nov 23, 2012 Star_s17,053 views

There are people I am friends with, that do not show in my Add Neighbors. They are playing the game...yet I can't add them as friends?? Anyone know why?

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12-em-plus add reply

Another way to send a neighbour request: click on the country fair wagon, there you will see a list of every friend, whos playing, and how much points they have. For the friends in this list, who are not neighbours, there should be a buttonthat says add as neighbour


I sent friend request. She sends neighbor request to me. Ask neighbor to send you request.


I have friends that play farmville 2 on Facebook. They do not show on my add friends bar nor my neighbor bar. My next step is to contact Zynga. I hope this works. If anyone can help I would love it. Thanks


i can't even ask them to be my neighbor because they don't show up on my friends list.


I use Facebook farmville 2 games and alot of friends as neighbor bar. I saw the Zynga slots games then entered this game. Return to Farmville 2 neigbours bars friends lost all.. I tried to add new neigbour "games unite" or "farmville 2 friend on right side" Right now, neighbour have only 7 peoples. I have many new friends but won't add to Facebook farmville 2 neighbour bar.


I don't see all my facebook friends in add neighbors either. I have contacted Zynga. So I guess I just have to wait and see what happens.


@Carolina Sigala Sanchez - You'll have to contact Zynga Support.


I am having a similar problem except I can't add them as my neighbors but they have me in their neighbors list. So they can ask for farm help and visit and I can't. How do I fix this????


@Dave Sharpe

There is a difference between FarmVille 2 Friends and FarmVille 2 Neighbors.

Every Facebook Friend you have that is currently playing FarmVille 2 or has ever played FV2 and hasn't blocked it will show up as a FarmVille 2 Friend. You will be able to send them gift requests, respond to their gift requests, etc.

However, they won't become a FarmVille 2 Neighbor, which is where they show up in the neighbor bar below and you can visit their farm, until one of you has sent the other a neighbor request and that request has been accepted.

So it is very possible that you can have 42 FV2 Friends and only 20'ish FV2 Neighbors.


Yep same problem here i have "or should have" 42 FV2 friends i can only see 20'ish, i know how many i should have because when you send a gift to FV2 friends only it says 42 sent so.


Are you sure they aren't neighbors already? I don't know how many neighbors you have, but is it possible you are already neighbors and have missed them? If not, you'll have to contact Zynga support:

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