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Question-whiteLevel up to True Lovers

by Tomika Camper - Nov 23, 2012 Star_s380 views

I have leveled up two neighbors to level 10 love and can't for the life of Me find a tre love to finish the goal Anyone know what level it is?

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12-em-plus add reply

i think i'm finished with that goal, the "pop the question" goal can be done through the japanese gazebo which is on a piece of land that you have to purchase off after the goal "proposal ponderings", that gazebo is the few last land u have to purchase throughout the game, its on the top most section of the entire land, just hover through it and click onto it and you will see that you have to finish the goal "proposal ponderings". In the gazebo you can choose the "pop the question" option, you can do that for as long as your relationship with your friends is high enough to make a "whoopie" on a bed, hope that helps


it's on level 7 to be true lover and level 8 to be beloved so that you be able pop the question with your lover but not with your friend


same here have leveled 3 of them to level 10 broke up with them and leveled another one to 10 woopied my place and theirs and still can't get it if anyone figures it out please post haven't been able to find an answer anywhere thanks


I am in the same boat with all of you. I feel weird continuing to sing, give flowers and make whoopie with this avatar. I'm afraid the player is going to think I'm a weirdo!


I have been wondering the same I am getting sick of telling neighbours love poems and singing songs and giving flowers... Let me know when you achieve true lovers and how the hell you did it.... It seems impossible??


same problem here.. I am at level 10 and i cannot complete the "pop the question" quest.. i believe 10 is the highest so why does this quest not complete??

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