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Light-bulbUltra Rare Exotic Egg - is there still a chance to win that exclusive chicken ?

by Naveen Ramamurthy - Nov 23, 2012 Star_s5,333 views

Hi, is there still a chance to win that Silver laced polish chicken ?

I am in level 29 and still in need of finding that Ultra Rare Egg...Even though I had 20 non-prized chickens at one stage and harvested mine and neighbours' hen house regularly, never got to find one. Currently I have 6 non-prized Gold Lased Cochin Chickens, which once become prized, I immediately replace them with a new one.

Can any one please guide me what is the best way to find an ultra rare egg or the time is been lapsed. All my neighbours have more than two exclusive chickens and mine is none till date.

Thank you.

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12-em-plus add reply

i am a noob at lvl 6 and i have 4 chickens when the tutorial was going i got the ultra rare egg i thought we all got that as our first egg?


i think i found a way. like me if i am correct.
i used 3 hen - rhode island red chicken, 2 white chicken and got ultra rare egg - some times you wont get for 2days . you can change the red chicken to get other chicken


Lol I must be really lucky =P I got one with the minimum amount of adult chickens for coop to still be running and only on my 2nd harvest!!! Only lvl 8 right now lol =D


Thank you for the help. I will definitely give a try to the trick mentioned. Hope I would get one. If not, better to get the same for 28 farm bucks...thank you.


I am new but I have been looking through all of the posts on this site since I found it.

I am 50/50.

1. Luck
2. Head count on adult chickens (non prized) and doesn't matter what never says types......just "more adult chickens".

If I find a the key....I will share. :-)

Currently I have nearly 25 adults.........still no ultra rare egg. :-(

Although there is a pretty nice trick I found that gives you access to 3 chicken coops......which triples your chances as the chickens go into the coop to lay.

1. Click a friends farm
2. As soon as it starts to back home
3. Immediately click the store
4. Click the buildings tab......
5. You can get up to two more free chicken coops.

Nice find.

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