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Question-whiteGame keeps setting me back in time

by Joy Wesley - Nov 24, 2012 Star_s20 views

For some reason this game has the annoying habit of setting me back 10 to 15 minutes every so often. I'll have worked on my farm, exit the game and when I return later all the changes I've made will be gone and so will the resources (fertilizer, water etc.) I've used.

An example: I just used fertilizer on 40 of my crops, I come back to the game and and the crops aren't fertilized anymore but of course all my fertilizer is gone! Same thing happened when I was builiding a well. Took me ages to get the builders to build the thing, I returned to the game and the completed well was gone and I had to find builders all over again.

It's really annoying!

1) Am I the only one this is happening to?

2) What can I do to stop it from happening?

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