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Light-bulbWARNING: Do NOT remove the CityVille 2 app from your Facebook Profile

by Alan Attebery - Nov 24, 2012 Star_s7,524 views

Long time Facebook game players know that when something goes wrong with a game you are playing, there are a series of steps you take in the hopes of trying to resolve the issue. These steps include cleaning your browser's cache, cleaning your Flash Player cache, logging out of Facebook, etc.

One of the steps has also been to uninstall and reinstall the game's app from your Facebook Profile, a move that even Zynga Support would tell you to do. The reason for this step was that it wasn't, and still isn't, uncommon for Facebook to corrupt an app that you have installed to your Profile. The act of uninstalling/reinstalling the app seems to help restore communication between Facebook and the app.

However, this appears to be something you should NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER do with Zynga's new CityVille 2 sequel.

A Coumminity Manager over on Zynga's CityVille 2 Forums posted the below back on November 13:

We would like to inform you that removing your game application from your Social Network will reset your progression back to the beginning.

We advise you to avoid removing your game application if you do not want to lose your game progress as our teams cannot restore your game progress.

If you have accidentally done so, please fill in this form to LET US KNOW HERE

The Gamers Unite! staff can't decide if this was intentional on Zynga's part or a massive glitch that they simply aren't telling anyone about. If it was intentional, it's a huge design flaw, one that is bigger than any flaw Zynga has ever created in the past (and we all know that they've had some whoppers in the past).

Under no circumstances should deleting a game's app result in the loss of progress in the game, especially since it's way too easy to accidentally do. Simply accidentally blocking the game could result in the loss of all progress in the game. Even deciding to take a small break from the game means you would have to allow your neighbors to continually bombard you with requests because there would be no way of stopping it without having to start completely over when you are ready to come back.

Then again, for those who mess up their city beyond repair, starting all over may not be such a bad idea.

So whatever you do, do NOT delete the CityVille 2 app from your Facebook Profile until Zynga says it is okay to do so.

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12-em-plus add reply

Me to i removed the game to try and fix inbox problems when reloaded every thing was gone this is not fair players put a lot off time and effort into these games so Zynga should appreciate just what players contribute to there business and reimburse them


too late i didnt know this info before i tried fixing the taco truck glitch i had. game kept crashing as soon as i logged in and when i deleted and resigned up for the game i was at the beginning of it. So as of now this glitch or whatever is still on going... :( There are not many Zynga Games I even still play. I dont like Zynga much anymore and would not miss them if the whole company folded


i think that is such bs!


I too cleaned my flash player and games r loading and seems all my games r running better


you can also update your flash player I just did it and all my games run faster and no plug in crash!


guess it makes sense, did happen to me several times. I think I remember FV2 also did the same.... wanna give it a try? I was just starting it just to see what it is like (currently has been removed completely, will not be playing FV2). So I begin the game, did those small tiny quest like feature and leveled up a few times and decided to uninstall the game a day later. Another week passed by, miss clicked on an accept invite to game and went ahead to see what was going on and hey, it wasn't saved, had to redo those introduction feature thing. Went to remove and replay it and again, was right from the very beginning. Haven't played it since.


will resetting it give you the things for farmville that it gives u at different lvls again ???????????????


my game was set to beginning once (while in beta) i removed and reinstalled the app , did some other stuff ... and the game was back to normal not sure what happened now

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