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Light-bulbHow to get Pet Rescue Saga Coins!

by Mainewil Peetra - Nov 26, 2012 Star_s26,259 views

Pet Rescue Saga Dog on a coin



You need 3000 coins to get a set of 3 Block Buster Boosters in Pet rescue Saga, that is a lot of coins, since the amount of coins you can get at once is only 100 coins. I have since the very beginning used   our very own Tool for the Pet Rescue Saga Feed to collect coins from my friends feed efficiently. You find it above this post as a tab named "MY FEED". 


Coins are not in use at all when you play Pet rescue Saga with your MOBILE APP.


I also use the app Game Feeds to filter out my own coins that I have posted to the Facebook feed. The Game Feeds have a handy little option to tick, that filters out only my own coins, that other tools don't catch. Smile

But really, the coins from the feed isn't enough, you need a lot of those Block Buster Boosters in Pet Rescue Saga! That is why I try to post coins at the Blogging Witches site and at the Facebook Page that I maintain as an Unofficial Fan Page for Pet Rescue Saga. I haven't yet really came to a conclusion for coin distribution, but I'll keep you updated. As for now in the writing moment there are 6000 coins for Pet Rescue Saga available at the Blogging Witches site. You are welcome to collect them. :)

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12-em-plus add reply

Single links for Pet rescue Saga Coins valid until 2nd or 3rd July 2013

right now 21 000 coins available and more will hopefully be added this weekend.


10 000 coins added to  Pet Rescue Saga Coins at the Blogging Witches website! :) 


100 coins. =) http://7.bws.fi/1jnKGbZ, also check out the other links in this thread, about everything has been freshly updated and wioll be valid for around five days from now. Then I hope I will be able to get more into the existing ones. Cross your fingers. ;-)


I have added a secondary button page, where you right now can click yourself to 10 000 Pet Rescue saga Coins.

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