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Question-whitewhat animal gives the most fertilizer

by Kathy Lang Baker - Nov 27, 2012 Star_s11,714 views

what coin bought animals give the most fertilizer?

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12-em-plus add reply

The cochins costing cash is a glitch. Once fixed... they will be available for coins again.

(All of the below assumes you are not cheating, hacking, stealing. The "My Feed" and "Link Exchange" are not considered any of these in my book... they are simply aides)

IMO... here is the deal. The cochins are good... but costly and do you really need THAT many eggs? I admit that I do keep a few around for immediate fertilizer needs, but they CAN be fickle. The way I TRY and stay on top of things is to use animals that give good drops and also serve a purpose that makes me collect from them anyways.

I adore the swiss cows. They fill up the creamery wicked fast, give me tons of milk for crafting, and drop fertilizer just about every time... I get 3 or 4 from each (I think 4). They can be fed every 3 hours. AND... they take a while to level up (100 feeds).

The arabian horses are my next "have to have". You can only feed them every 24 hours... but they drop 4 fertilizer every single time for me. They give horseshoes as adults. The other plus is that they take just 50 feeds to prize out. In their case, this is actually a plus because they give saddles for leather when prized. You take the horseshoes and make metal, ask for some glass, use the saddles for leather... and you make the embossed leather mirrors which net you an easy $5000 each!

Granted you cannot buy them... but the polish hens are a good source and the henhouse does not gather the red eggs anyway... so you may as well feed them. They give 3-4 fertilizer as well. And if you stick them in the prized coop they cost 1/2 to feed and are worth the xp they give! Getting them is the battle. I swear that zynga is limiting me to 3. Each time one levels up I will FINALLY get that last egg needed to get a new chick. I can not feed them and not get a chick for weeks... or feed them to prized in 3 days and GET a chick. I swear this is the case. So... I feed them. LOL

You need a lot of wool for crafting... so may as well feed some bunnies and sheep.

And to answer the next question... plant and fertilize a crop that makes good feed before you level up for the instant harvest. I am only at level 27 (attained in about 2 months with NO cheating, only 7 friends, and working full time with no computer access! LOL), so for me this is cucumbers. It gives good xp, makes 15 feed, is not good for much else. If I plant and fertilize all of my plots with it on leveling it lasts a while. The blackberries are my best bet if I were to run out (which has not happened yet!), they are only 8 feed... but grow in only 2 minutes!

And if they are doing something that enhances crops (like the snow right now... which doubles the harvest of "winter" crops)... do not bother fertilizing unless you can spare it or it is a crop that pays out good xp for prize ribbons and you need the xp for leveling. It is not really worth it as you will then only be getting one additional (3 for each plot). You will need the fertilizer for other crops more (like wheat... gods I am learning to hate wheat) so that you can craft stuff to sell so that you can afford expansion.


sadly gold cochin is not worth 16000. its now 30 cash


Gold cochin without no doubt give the most fertilizer, each 5 minutes, you got ten cochin and no worry anymore about fertilizer


I know this post was done in Nov .. however this is sort of information to remind everyone - fertilizers are still a random drop item. Just because it states the Golden Laced Cochins will drop 3 fertlizers, do not expect it everytime! Right now I have 4 on my farm, 2 produce 4 white eggs and no fertlizers and 2 produce 3 fertlizers and 3 white eggs.


From what I can tell as of January 2013, Prized Animals do not produce fertilizer. At all. Only animals before they become prized will produce fertilizer, and you can see this by visiting the store and looking each animal to see how many fertilizers they will produce each (before becoming prized).


thank you for the reply. bought several and it sure helps. gets a little harder as you level up. at level 28


Happy farming !


Camarillo Horse. You can get it for 55K but you need to reach level 30 and expand your farm to Camarillo Country. It gives a maximum of 5 Fertilizers when fed randomly. But the harvest time is 24 !
If you want to pile up Fertilizers at good rate - better go for Saanen Goat and Nubien Goat which gives two Fertilizers randomly for every 15 Minutes. If you are above level 20 and got access to Gold Laced Cochin Chicken - you need not to worry about Fertilizers at all. It gives maximum of 3 Fertilizers for every 5 minutes and so for so now there is no other animal (including Farm Bucks Animals !) to beat this wonderful Chicken in generation of Fertilizers at good rate. It costs you 16K and 8 milk bottles to Adult.

In a nut shell - better rely on Saanen Goat and Nubien Goat - if you are below level 20 and Gold Laced Cochin Chicken - if you are above. And that apart, if you have more coins you can buy Swiss cow which gives 4 Fertilizers for every 4 hours and Jersey Cow - 3 for every 4 hours. Longhorn Cow and Rhode Island Red Chicken and Sheep are not worth the investment at all. Happy Farming !

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