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Question-whitegift of lives

by Darcy E Fitzpatrick - Nov 27, 2012 Star_s15,169 views

I get free gifts of extra lives from friends but still only get 5 turns, where do the gifts go?

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12-em-plus add reply

i had 24 gifts...i tried to accept it all although i am full of lives and it doesn't work same as I accepted gifts when I am out of lives....its not working on pc unlike on iPad...it works on my iPad....


Wait until you use all your lives before reloading game to access messages then you can accept the lives gifted from friends.


I have the same problem, my friends have sent me lives but as I had my full 5 I did not accept them, but when I run out I do not where or how to access my messages


You should not accept the gift of a life if you already have 5. Only accept the gift if you have less than 5 lives.


You can pay to up your max lives to 8. I have also discovered that u can store the unused ones if u keep your list on your phone. I dont know about droid phones though. I have full lives and a current surplus of 11 gift lives that i just have to ok to use. Unfortunately I cannot do this on the computer


I'm in the same boat ... I run out of lives ... but I know that some peeps have gifted me not only free lives but also 3-moves and i can't find them!


Even when I am not at 5 lives ( full) it still does not add them.....


It is because you max out at 5 lives. whether your friends give you some or not, once you are at 5, you cannot get any higher.

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